White Bonding Filling in
Stamford, Connecticut

White fillings are a safe alternative to old silver amalgam fillings, which are a silver alloy made up of copper, tin, and mercury.

White Bonding Filling in Stamford, Connecticut

White Fillings: Safer & Stronger

Mercury is known for its controversial health effects, and thus is not present in white fillings.

An astounding amount of patients actually choose to replace their amalgam fillings with white fillings. The bonding agents found in white fillings allow for the white resin to bond directly to the natural tooth. This process ensures a strong bond, a healthy, chip-resistant tooth, and it is much more appealing than the metallic look of the old silver fillings.

Bonding: A Sturdy Alternative

If you are looking for a more conservative option, you might want to consider tooth bonding. This is especially recommended for patients who have sensitive teeth, as there is less tooth grinding involved in the preparation.

When a tooth is grey and dead, a crown becomes necessary, but only as a last resort. In today’s world of high tech tooth bonding and mercury-free white fillings, there is no reason for you to be ashamed of discolored or chipped teeth. At Stamford Dental Spa, we are dedicated to restoring your smile back to its beautiful, healthy condition.

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Most caring dental service ever. Supremely sweet and professional staff. Conscious spending on exactly what you need no more no less on your dental care! In other words, they won’t try to do work on you that is not required. Absolutely recommend.

Magna P.

Traveling in for work and had a minor emergency. They were able to see me within a couple of hours and handled everything incredibly. Very grateful for the positive experience.

Colten C.

Take this from someone who reallllly doesn't like going to the dentist and put it off for too long; this place is AMAZING. Dr. Patel and the rest of the staff are very friendly and make you feel totally relaxed. Katherine did an amazing job with my cleaning and I actually look forward to my next visit!

Alex R.

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